Saturday, March 19, 2005

Little Cutie Nephew got sick..sob sob!

Breakfast:Low fat milk...
Health status: 78%

Saturday,woke up as usual at morning.Last night i got sms from my brother that his son has been a week in SA Medical Centre because of food poison.So sad to hear this news.I managed to see my nephew in the evening.When i arrived the ward,only my sister in law and her daughter take look after the baby, and his was sleeping.He will turn 1 year old this may.I saw both his has was covered by clothes which cover the needle at his hand.Suddenly he wake up and saw me..he a little bit losing weight because having to much nappy.So pity to look at him.Sometimes he smile at me with his 4 new teeths.I will pray for you to get well soon kid.While he in treatment, his sister also not very well,my sister in law said...Maybe the nursery which my brother was sent has served bad food for them..I wish they will get well soon.

Friday, March 18, 2005

When will i see you again...

Breakfast:not yet...
Health status: 80%

kak ina sms me inviting to have breakfast with HER.I refused to do so because i have some sort of job to be done.Actually it 7.45am at that time,but because i have to go to Putrajaya at 830am and prepare AV setup at BDC because a delegation from Sarawak will visited here .I just take instant coffee at my room.I thought i didn't see HER this morning,but kak ina make me meet her while they having breakfast together.Actually i want to meet kak ina to ask her for BDC AV room.I leave it to my technician to finish the setup as i have to go to Putrajaya. Starting next week, me with 2 colleagues and IT members from every department of MOA will do a functional test on Voice comm. and Network functionality at new building.This is to make sure that all the line can be used when we move there.So people from Putrajaya Holdings weregiving briefing today on how to conduct that test.I return to office at 12pm with empty stomach and hungry.I came to BDC to see what happen after delegation visit, and i saw my friends there having a lunch.And i came with left foot,the food already finish..huhuhuhu so hungry,kak ina said the food already finish, and didn't reserved for's ok and i can hold it .but deep in my stomach,so hungry!!! SHE seem so busy today,because 2 of the staffs were absent.That's what SHE said on YM..I don't want to disturb HER with HER jobs.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Resolving HER computer problem....

Breakfast:Not Yet.

Today a little bit busy.My bos on leave today and tomorrow.He said that he want to send his daughter to medical college in Penang after return home from Ireland doing twinning program.Yesterday,he has left some message to his SA's (System Analyst),including me to do during his absent.Most of his message was more on the facility setup in the new building in Putrajaya,especially meeting rooms which must be equipped with AV devices.I have to go to Putra Place opposite PWTC to meet IPB department coordinator to update the list of user's computer which will be move to new building in Putrajaya this April.Actually i'm the coordinator of BTM who will collabrate with her regarding to all computer and IT devices.Each of my BTM members were holding one department to managed.The list of user's computers must be submitted to treasury so they can make quotation and give to selected vendor who will be granted to have a tender of moving all the goods in our office.Suddenly, after finish update the list and about to return to office,my friend called me from office."Woi, are you returning to office now?,coz your "miss lawyer" were reporting about her pc problem,probably virus infection and misconfigured cookies in her IE.She ask somebody to fix it,and i give this opportunity to you la,as you were Operation unit man." and i said, "Are you lying to me or not?,ok about to return, as quickly as i can."So i rushing back to office and grab my thumbdrive.The moment i arrived at HER room ,she was not there.Until SHE come and told me the problem.SHE look so busy that day,and SHE apologize for it.It's ok for me because if SHE there looking to what i do with HER computer then i'm nervous and cannot do my job.huhuhuhu..And now HER computer can operate as usual,after installing spyware and scanning for viruses.I saw HER picture in HER young age at the table, so cute.And SHE also have a collection of CDs,including Take That and some compilation album.Today SHE look beautiful,all day long.

I will be your friend....

When every moment gets too hard
The end of the road can feel so far
No matter how much time we'll part
I'm always near you
I'll be the shelter in your rain
Help you find your smile again
I'll make you laugh if you have a broken heart
Wherever you are

Cuz I'm never gonna walk away
If the walls come down some day
All along when you feel the pain
I'll be there when you call my name
You can always depend on me
I believe until forever ends
I will be your friend

sing by: coco lee

i paste my theme song here so you all can sing together,hehehe..

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Everytime i close my eyes......

Today as usual arrive at office early, 7.20am although my working hour start at 8.15am.Just want to avoid some traffic along the way and smog produced by cars.The wheather temperature at that time was 25 Celcius,that what i saw at billboard when passing by Federal Highway.It will increase maybe up to 33 to 38 celcius in the afternoon.I diciplined myself to go early because i don't want to come late at office.Same to what i did when working with my previous company.That is the first step to be a good worker,hehehe..Meantime i've set my time to arrive before HER.I learnt that SHE come to office between 7.15 to 7.25am,because HER working hour start at 7.30am.Luckily I saw SHE arrived with HER Kembara while i entering to my department,and i quickly managed myself like i unexpectedly meet HER.Then next step ask HER whether SHE has had a breakfast or not.Fortunately she didn't breakfast yet, and ask me to join HER.I agreed with smile at my face.When the opportunity come,we have to grab it.But one thing about me is that im very shy and nervous if SHE and i only have the breakfast in one table.So I invite kak ina to join me because i know kak ina and HER have something to said.kak ina going to Sarawak recently for meeting,and SHE has requested to kak ina to buy some Batik Sarawak for her.But kak ina didn't have so much time to buy it because her meeting schedule too tight.If kak ina bought it,she plan to assume that I have bought that Batik for HER without HER attention;meaning a secret admirer bought it for HER. When i was in Langkawi last week (and SHE also there for induction course), i have bought a nice and beautiful 'keris' replica,just for my collection.But i think i want to give to her as a gift from 'unknown' guy.SHE really like it because SHE saw my friend bought it when we were there.Actually i've got her phone number from a friend of mine,without HER notice.I feel so guilty for it, but i have no choice.I just wanna be a person that have 2 personalities,friend and secret admirer.I have send SMS last night but SHE didn't reply yet.maybe she think somebody want to trick her or else.But i didn't send a nasty words,just the introduction of myself and some nice words.Same to this night, still silent.But i'll send sms every day to her because i know someday SHE will reply.This evening after office hour,i plan to bought a cheese cake for HER.I bought from 'makcik' who sell 'kerepek' and cake from her van.I wait for HER inside my office which covered by tinted window,so i can see HER when SHE passing by my office.I keep waiting her until my officemate ask me why i seem like having looking for something when he see me looking at the tinted window.And then SHE appear,quickly i grab that cheese cake and meet HER.And SHE thanks to me for that with smile.I think SHE like that cheese cake. First mission accomplished for this day,yes.Don't know what will happen next, i hope this relationship will run smoothly and success.May Allah will bless me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things will be run smoothly....

I missed 2 meeting last week because clash with induction course in Langkawi.First is the meeting about preparation of moving to the new building in Putrajaya in the middle of April,and second is meeting about Parlimen Convention for Cabinet at Parlimen Negara where i've been selected to take in-charge as comittee.Other friends also have been selected and given the schedule when we should be there.My turn on 7th April,thanks to my colleague who came to the meeting last week and has recorded the speech for me.From what my colleague say when he took in charge last year convention, this thing was not easy to handle.We must hear patiently the speech given by Cabinet and jot down the question that raise by audience that related with our ministry and then submit to minister to answer.Actually i didn't clearly understand yet what i'm supposed to do.Maybe i should refer to Admin department for this matter.This is my opportunity to meet Ministers from other Ministry.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Back for good...

assalamualaikum wbt,Long time no see.Since Disember 2005,and till this date almost 4 month didn't update the blog, as i broke my promise.Shame on me..Banyak perkara berlaku dalam 4 bulan, paling mengejutkan tsunami yg melanda negara dan negara2 lain terutamanya Aceh.Kisah tu pun dah berlalu, meninggalkan ingatan yg pahit untuk mereka yang terlibat.Itu tanda bala dari Allah swt utk kita saling ingat mengingati antara satu same lain.For those yg suke baca blog 'dikakilangit' yg tak seberapa ni terima kasih diucapkan.Well kisah tahun lepas dah berlalu, ada yg tercapai dan ada yg tak tercapai especially personal matters. biarlahkan dia berlalu pergi,seperti dalam lagu Sudirman "Salam Terakhir"..Lets open the new book this year.Tapi buku ni dah suku chapter dah, sebab dah bulan 3,tapi takpe...Tahun ni nak setkan apa yg perlu dicapai,yang masih tak tercapai2 lagi nih..haduh kok pening seh!So skarang ni dah masuk 3 bulan lebih bekerja di tempat baru,Kementerian Pertanian dan Industri Asas pun masih lagi dalam bidang IT,Pegawai Sistem Maklumat. bertuah sungguh dapat kat sini, walaupun masa lapor diri dulu rasa mcm tak brape sedap je dapat kat tmpt ni..Tapi persepsi ku salah, tempat ni lebih tenang dan mengembirakan.Memang tak putus2 nama Kementerian ni masuk TV and paper sebab PM nak jadikan pertanian sebagai agenda utama negara.Memang bertuah dan alhamdulillah,syukur kepada Allah swt yg memberi rezeki kepadaku di sini. Tapi yang penting mcmana nak menggunakan rezeki yg dianugerahkan tu dengan sebaiknya supaya tidak ditarik balik. Kalau nak di renung kembali dari mule takde keje sampai sekarang, memang rasa tersangat2 bersyukur sebab dah bekerja.Bile dah dapat kerja tu ada sampai tolak pulak offer dari company lain.Nasib baik la masa transition bertukar kerja tu takde gap menggangur.Minggu ni resign minggu depan masuk company lain, rasa mcm tak caya je.Itu kisah lame.Nasib baik tak tergolong dalam 80000 graduan yang masih menganggur tu.
Well, sebenarnya baru balik dari Langkawi semalam sebab ada induksi khusus di Institut Pengurusan Peladang milik kementerian jugak.5 hari kat sana.2 minggu lepas pegi A'Famosa Resort kat melaka pasal ada persidangan,4 hari kat sana.Travel n Travel.Nasib baik la pegi balik Langkawi naik flight MAS, takde la letih sangat naik bas mcm budak2 lain.Untung jadi pegawai.Kalo naik flight tu about 50 to 1 hour jugak masa penerbangan, berbanding ngn bas 8 jam.Dah lama tak naik flight,tu yang 'jakun' skit tuh.Masa nak landing kat Langkawi tu bergegar skit pesawat sebab angin kuat.Cuak hati ni sebab tgk pesawat gegar semacam.Tapi Alhamdulillah selamat jugak mendarat.Bertolak puku 11 pagi sampai pukul 12.Lepas tu nak kene tunggu kawan sorang lagi mendarat flight seterusnya sebab dia je yang plane lain.Kalo gerak dulu kang dia tak tau lak nak tuju arah kat Langkawi ni.Sepanjang kursus tu dengar ceramah je disamping ada aktiviti skit dalam kumpulan.Kene form satu group dan kita plak kene jadi ketua,lepas tu kene namakan kumpulan dgn huruf 'L'.so terfikir dalam minda nak namakan dengan nama 'Lestari' yang bererti kekal, tidak berubah.Dah bagi nama plak lepas tu kene lukis semua ahli kumpulan dlm kertas kajang mcm potret.nasib baik ada member yg terrer lukis2 nih.nak suruh kita lukis bleh jugak tapi lambat la sebab style kita nk lukis muke orng ni mmg detail.member ni lukis stail kartun tapi memang perfect la.lupe lak nak snap gambar yg dah siap aritu.actuall group kita 3 lelaki 5 perempuan.And one of the team member tu someone yang kita dah lama perati(admire) sejak dari persidangan aritu,she from Law Department and she the Lawyer.Memang among the women yang hadir kursus tu, she look so gorgeus.Tak sangka lak satu group ngn kita, and one more thing bilik pun sebelah je,dia duduk dgn another my officemate.sape yang tak suke,but for me between she and me like lyric in A to Z songs "Darjat"....well you know me, when i like someone,i just keep in my heart.I think maybe she already have one.My mind set like that,beautiful women for handsome man.And i not one of them.huhuhuhu! well i keep try to ask my friend to 'dig' something from her.But I'm not hoping something for it.Just wanna know only.Who's know maybe she still single and available,huuhuhuhuh...ok full stop for the gossip.So,Pekan Kuah was our destination la especially for shopping."Duty Free" items like chocos and Batiks was the favo thing for us.Other items still the same as KL.So me only borong Batiks for my mum, Pelikat and chocos especially.Borong habis habisan,but not all for me bcause my friends also ada kirim.After that main bowling kat Jeti.Lagi murah than KL.And that last day yesterday we were going to Cable Car,the most scariest car in my life..hahahah..with 703 metres above sea,this car doesn't have a wheel at the bottom , but it wheel located at the top..huhuhuhu! For only RM15 per person,i can climb up 2 mountain without using my hand and leg, just sit and the rest will be done by cable car, me and roomate,SHE and my another frieds a.k.a her roomate sit together on that cable car.For the first time we feel so scary when looking down there while the cable pulling that tiny box which we sit on.So when we arrived at first mountain, we take some time to look around and taking some picture.Then we continue our 'journey' to next mountain to have some nice scenery from the top.This is my precious moment while in Langkawi,thank to God for letting me have a great scenery of God's creatures,MasyaAllah so beautiful to see the ocean from the top of mountain.Time will go on, we have to go because our flight at 4.10pm and need to be there at 2.30pm for check in.And Langkawi we leave you here and dunno when to come back,maybe next time, may the sweet moment will remain in my mind.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The 'UMIZARU' story...

Today i've to attend my friend's wedding at Putrajaya.. Ramai sangat yg kawin arini, sampai 2 3 orang pada hari yang sama...And next week will be another wedding of my friend. Sampai tak terpergi, only dapat attend yang dekat2 ni jer...yela kita takde kereta yg bleh bergerak ke sana ke sini, yang ada hanya motor yang mampu membawa diri ni pegi balik keje jer... Member2 yang kawin tu sumernyer pempuan, coz pempuan memang deserve utk kawin awal..nanti kalau lambat orang mengata pulak..lain la lelaki nie, mcm aku ade tanggungjawab yg nak disettlekan pada keluarga aku,sebelum aku sendiri berkeluarga kelak...cewah...tapi betul ape...sementara org tua masih hidup ni time ni la nak berjasa pada mereka...well, my friend yg kawin tu kawan sediploma dulu, but mase degree course lelain...friendship among kawan2 sediploma masih kuat lagi,coz at that time memang takde berpuak2 mcm degree nie...and we have egroup for us to announce any update about us. and nak wish kat sini "Selamat Pengantin Baru Suhana@Kak Su"...datang umah dia tak sempat nak jumpa/ tengok dia bersanding, budak2 lain pun tak tgk sebab dah jumpa dia kat umah dia tingkat 6 tu..aku dan member sorang lagi makan kat balai kat je la 2 org lelaki yg datang, yg lain tu tak tau la ada hal memasing...yg geng pempuan ada la nampak jugak...nak bersalam ngn bapak dia pun tak sempat sebab bapak dia dah naik atas umah ...nak masuk umah segan lak kita org lelaki ni...kalo ade member2 pempuan yg pegi skali bleh la jugak tgk pengantin...hmmm takpe la janji dapat datang pada hari perkahwinan dia tu...dan satu lagi nak wish "Selamat Pengantin Baru Sunita"....another friend of my jugak...tapi majlis dia kat Keratong ...camne nak datang ke sana, jauh beb...Tak tau la sapa yg dapat mewakili kengkawan datang ke rumah dia...Balik jer dari Putrajaya tu terus pegi Sunway tgk wayang... Nak ajak member aku Mie tu dia takdapat lak sebab besok dia nak mengajar, kene prepare modul utk student ... So dia balik terus dan aku meneruskan perjalanan aku ke Sunway Pyramid...memang sebelum ni dah niat nak tgk citer tu, sebab dah booking through M-Cinema Maxis..Cerita Umizaru..mcm best jer ...kat layar skrin aku tgk maksud dia "Penyelam Wira"...ntah betul atau salah tak tau la aku maksud dia...mungkin terbalik kot.Tengok sengsorang, kalo ade awek kan best bleh ajak awek...tapi awek pun blum ade tgk sengsorang jer la...Tak sangka Umizaru ni hebat jugak citer dia...banyak element2 pengajaran yang membuatkan aku kagum dgn citer nie.. cerita ni mengajar bagaimana nak menghargai erti persahabatan, tak mementingkan diri sendiri, tolong-menolong dan kerjasama.... Yang paling tak best citer ni bile ade scene yg menyedihkan, kehilangan seorang kawan rapat..puas jugak aku nak menahan airmata aku ni...memang memberi kesan dalam jiwa betul..memang aku pulak jenis org mcm ni, sentimental.. sebab tu aku suke tgk citer2 mcm nie....Citer ni memang berguna pada mereka yg ingin mengejar cita2 tu, mcm dalam citer ni Senzuki hampir berhenti dari latihan untuk menjadi penyelam penyelamat di sebabkan kematian partner dia sewaktu nak partner dia nak selamatkan org lemas... tetapi selepas mendengar citer dari makcik kantin tmpat training dia terus membatalkan hasrat untuk berhenti demi kawan dia. so kepada sesapa yang tak tengok lagi ada masa pegi tengok,memang 4/5 aku bagi rate.. Sebab ape tak penuh,sebab last skali ending dia tak abih...ada sambungan Umizaru 2 plak..kisah Senzuki pada next movie....tensen betul la...ingatkan dah abih dah movie tu sampai dah kuar nama2 pelakon...penonton pun dah tinggalkan kerusi memasing nak kuar, alih2 ade lagi seminit 2 babak dia...aksi Senzuki nak selamat kan penumpang kapal yg dah nak karam. lepas tu kapal tu meletup dan Senzuki berkata "saya akan kembali lagi"...bersambung plak citer yg aku tak sabar nak tunggu ni....