Saturday, November 27, 2004

I'll be missed u all..

Dear Team and all my colleagues,

The time has finally arrived. So sad to leave you all here,after 2 months we were together..sharing difficulties and happiness... but life must goes on...Thank you very much for all you support and co-orperation when i was here. Special Thanks goes to:

En. Azmy
Appreciate your guidance to me, giving me chances to expose new knowledge here..You are very kind type of bos i ever met. Hope your project will be successful...i just not so lucky didn't have an opportunity to continue involve in your project..

Kak Sherry
Thank you sister, for your help and guidance for netllink ... you are there when i need help..never forget are good listener...thanks for that...

Kak Sabeq
My big sister, you're very nice to me, especially when guiding me with broadband patiently.. i'm surprise with your ability in configuring router...

William a.k.a 'Melayu'
William the joker, thanks a lot..i take you job as 'tukang angkat kotak modem' from store heheeh...joking jer william, for me it's okay as long i have sumthing to do..and all the guidance you give to me, i appreciate it very much..

Thanks for being my partner here, after i lose my partner before..but now seem this happen to you also..hope you can carry on and can learn so much knowledge here..just be patient for that..

To Broadband Team,Backbone Team, DataCentre Team,System Team,Security Team, Network Operations Team and CAA Team,

Nice to know you all, hope you all can continue support Time in giving the best services to the customer. I'll pray for your success.
Forgive me if i have made mistaken during my day here.You all always in my heart.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Goodbye my colleagues, till the day we'll meet again...

Hari yg di tunggu telah last day of job has come...sapa yg tak sedih, tapi perjuangan tetap diterus kan...Selepas bersama mereka dalam satu team selama 2 bulan setengah, kini aku mengundur diri ke tempat lain. Aku terima semua ini dengan tabah, kerana aku sedar tindakan aku ni betul untuk masa depan...rezeki berada di mana mana, cume kita kena pandai berusaha mencarinya...
Terharu dengan jamuan perpisahan kecil kecilan yg diorang buat, especially my team and bos, and other friends also...kak sherry, kak sabariah, william, ezzudin and my beloved bos, en. azmy, i'll be missed u all. Tak dapat menulis panjang lagi sebab terharu sangat .....ku kenang u all dalam doa ku...amin

Thursday, November 25, 2004

So here how this happen.........

To come out into writing is not easy.i have to dig my mind and decide the things i have to write.To all my friends out there yang tertanya- tanye why i leaving(resign) too early at Time..I'm not intend to do so, but it is is the storyFor your information, I've applied SPA for post of PSM before i applied Time. I got the interview, around last July and not success but they keep me in waiting list. So i think i failed for that interview. I'm moving to S.A from my brother's house, because he also got a new house and i didn't manage to stay with him and his family. I want to be myself.And then 2 weeks after that got interview from Time. The thing is i've pushed all my effort to join Time, as my interest in networking area. I wanna be part of Time family. I have applied 3 times (repeat 3 times) to get place there. Luckily they finally see my 'hidden talent' and i think that 3rd position i applied met my qualification. I don't know what to say if this 3rd attempt cannot go through..maybe there is no place for me there. Then they hired me and i'm so lucky,dont know what to say..thanks to all my friend who has helped me.So i join in mid Sept, and without my intention that SPA offer just arrived early that month at my previous house. So I didn't noticed that, until my brother has checked if there is a letter in his previous house,a month later. He call me to said that offer has been to expired because it has been there for a month from that date.If i dont reply within 30 days from that date, they assume i'm not interest to join gov. They also have sending pos laju, that contain appointment letter which date should i register. that pos laju also become expired since it was at the post office for almost 2 weeks. i read carefully that letter, i've to register 12/10 but the date i claim pos laju was 15/10! what da unlucky i am. i didn't take any action of that , because i think i already have a job now, didn't realize that gov. sector is secure job that my current job. My parents know that , they said it was faith. I didn't tell my aunties yet, until Hari Raya when i visiting their house. I told everything, and they were shocked and a lil bit marah marah,kecewa. Then my auntie ask her friend whose work in JPA if my case can be accepted or not, merayu la. Her friend said this case can be tolerate with her bos. My mind so confuse at that time. Thinking of job i love,my passion is my current job right now..because i enjoy working with it. i can learn many things and know a lot of people i deal with. So my auntie advice me rayu balik at jpa and she will help me. at that time i don't know what to do, just follow what she say. 22/11, first week most of people back to work after raya she pickup me at office to Putrajaya. I'm working that day, buat that morning i ask my bos to go out about 2 hour, without tell him that i'm going to Putrajaya. At Putrajaya, auntie met her friend and tell what to do. Her friend take a look at my offer letter and bring to her bos.Then she came back with good news, that offer letter still valid and new date i have to register is on 29/11. Again i shock,dunno what to say. Not shock because of happy, but didnt believe i have to register next week. that mean i will resign this friday!..what my bos will say if i told him this news? maybe he will sad because i will leaving this company..he has plan so many things for me....He has giving a hope to me because he now i'am a good staff (not to show off) among my team i didnt realize like that because i'm only 2 months here...well he's the bos,and know my progress so far .i know he have plan to train me to as much because there a lot of project will coming and interesting. That day i take half day leave because of that auntie wants me to join the gov. and my family also. Because they have told that gov. have a lot of benefit and secure..i realize that and accept it. i don't want to break their heart because of my wrong decision, because they all care about my future. This the chance that not all people can get it. I use my time to do a medical checkup. Everthing is done. The thing is how to face my bos tomorrow..Before i take half day before, the person that i only let know is kak sherry, because she like my kakak angkat in my team..kak sab tak tau lagi mase tu...I have told bos, dgn terketar2. tak sampai hati memberitahunya..he accept that , i know deep in his heart he sad to this. he will lost a very dedicated staff in his team. all my friend there sad to here this.. this news smpai ke wisma time sane,some of CAA team also knew it.and they also sad.hmmm nak buat camne, i have to decide my future. so i have explain all that i have to. Resign letterpun dah submit...hinggakan nak submit resign letter ke kak gee terketar2...hmmmmmm...i hope what i do is right...friends out there, relakan pemergianku ini.

Dan, Menjelang esok.....

aku masih di sini,
menunggu hari esok yang pasti menjelma,
hari yang ku takdapat elakkan seperti hari2 lain.
hari esok tidak seperti hari2 yg biasa kutempuhi,
yang dapat ku hadapi seperti biasa,
masih lagi terkejut dengan apa yg telah berlaku,
dikala diriku sedang tenang melalui hari2 yg berlalu.
akan tetapi,
hari esok adalah hari penamat utk kerjayaku,
yang ku idami selama ini,
walaupun diperhentian seterusnya lebih menjamin masa depanku,
akan ku pergi jua,
demi menghargai kaum keluargaku yang menginginkannya,
kerna aku tidak mahu melihat mereka kecewa kerana kesilapanku,
memilih haluan hidup.
Dan aku pasrah menghadapinya,
kerna aku juga menginginkan nya dahulu,
aku ingin melihat mereka yang disayangi,
gembira dengan keputusanku,
kerna aku tidak mahu mereka berduka,
kerna ku juga anggap diri ku derhaka jika mengingkarinya,
dan tidak dapat memaafkan diriku.
akan tetapi,
ku gembira sepanjang di sini,
berkenalan dengan mereka,
yang telah banyak memberi tunjuk ajar,
serta pertolongan di kala memerlukan.
semoga jasa kalian hanya tuhan saja dapat membalasnya,
kerna Dia Maha Pengasih lagi Penyayang,
semoga kalian sentiasa berada dalam ingatanku,
hingga akhir hayat...aminn

Monday, November 22, 2004

Terkejut? macam tak percaya je!

Hari ni aku terkejut, betul betul terkejut...sampai aku takdapat meneruskan writing aku kat blog untuk hari ini....peristiwa hari ini betul2 merubah kerjaya aku pada masa hadapan...aku amik half day arini di sebab kan 'keterkejutan' itu..