Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Everytime i close my eyes......

Today as usual arrive at office early, 7.20am although my working hour start at 8.15am.Just want to avoid some traffic along the way and smog produced by cars.The wheather temperature at that time was 25 Celcius,that what i saw at billboard when passing by Federal Highway.It will increase maybe up to 33 to 38 celcius in the afternoon.I diciplined myself to go early because i don't want to come late at office.Same to what i did when working with my previous company.That is the first step to be a good worker,hehehe..Meantime i've set my time to arrive before HER.I learnt that SHE come to office between 7.15 to 7.25am,because HER working hour start at 7.30am.Luckily I saw SHE arrived with HER Kembara while i entering to my department,and i quickly managed myself like i unexpectedly meet HER.Then next step ask HER whether SHE has had a breakfast or not.Fortunately she didn't breakfast yet, and ask me to join HER.I agreed with smile at my face.When the opportunity come,we have to grab it.But one thing about me is that im very shy and nervous if SHE and i only have the breakfast in one table.So I invite kak ina to join me because i know kak ina and HER have something to said.kak ina going to Sarawak recently for meeting,and SHE has requested to kak ina to buy some Batik Sarawak for her.But kak ina didn't have so much time to buy it because her meeting schedule too tight.If kak ina bought it,she plan to assume that I have bought that Batik for HER without HER attention;meaning a secret admirer bought it for HER. When i was in Langkawi last week (and SHE also there for induction course), i have bought a nice and beautiful 'keris' replica,just for my collection.But i think i want to give to her as a gift from 'unknown' guy.SHE really like it because SHE saw my friend bought it when we were there.Actually i've got her phone number from a friend of mine,without HER notice.I feel so guilty for it, but i have no choice.I just wanna be a person that have 2 personalities,friend and secret admirer.I have send SMS last night but SHE didn't reply yet.maybe she think somebody want to trick her or else.But i didn't send a nasty words,just the introduction of myself and some nice words.Same to this night, still silent.But i'll send sms every day to her because i know someday SHE will reply.This evening after office hour,i plan to bought a cheese cake for HER.I bought from 'makcik' who sell 'kerepek' and cake from her van.I wait for HER inside my office which covered by tinted window,so i can see HER when SHE passing by my office.I keep waiting her until my officemate ask me why i seem like having looking for something when he see me looking at the tinted window.And then SHE appear,quickly i grab that cheese cake and meet HER.And SHE thanks to me for that with smile.I think SHE like that cheese cake. First mission accomplished for this day,yes.Don't know what will happen next, i hope this relationship will run smoothly and success.May Allah will bless me.


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