Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things will be run smoothly....

I missed 2 meeting last week because clash with induction course in Langkawi.First is the meeting about preparation of moving to the new building in Putrajaya in the middle of April,and second is meeting about Parlimen Convention for Cabinet at Parlimen Negara where i've been selected to take in-charge as comittee.Other friends also have been selected and given the schedule when we should be there.My turn on 7th April,thanks to my colleague who came to the meeting last week and has recorded the speech for me.From what my colleague say when he took in charge last year convention, this thing was not easy to handle.We must hear patiently the speech given by Cabinet and jot down the question that raise by audience that related with our ministry and then submit to minister to answer.Actually i didn't clearly understand yet what i'm supposed to do.Maybe i should refer to Admin department for this matter.This is my opportunity to meet Ministers from other Ministry.


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