Friday, March 18, 2005

When will i see you again...

Breakfast:not yet...
Health status: 80%

kak ina sms me inviting to have breakfast with HER.I refused to do so because i have some sort of job to be done.Actually it 7.45am at that time,but because i have to go to Putrajaya at 830am and prepare AV setup at BDC because a delegation from Sarawak will visited here .I just take instant coffee at my room.I thought i didn't see HER this morning,but kak ina make me meet her while they having breakfast together.Actually i want to meet kak ina to ask her for BDC AV room.I leave it to my technician to finish the setup as i have to go to Putrajaya. Starting next week, me with 2 colleagues and IT members from every department of MOA will do a functional test on Voice comm. and Network functionality at new building.This is to make sure that all the line can be used when we move there.So people from Putrajaya Holdings weregiving briefing today on how to conduct that test.I return to office at 12pm with empty stomach and hungry.I came to BDC to see what happen after delegation visit, and i saw my friends there having a lunch.And i came with left foot,the food already finish..huhuhuhu so hungry,kak ina said the food already finish, and didn't reserved for's ok and i can hold it .but deep in my stomach,so hungry!!! SHE seem so busy today,because 2 of the staffs were absent.That's what SHE said on YM..I don't want to disturb HER with HER jobs.


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